Sunday, February 16, 2014

HackiStar FREE is out now on iOS

HackiStar - free version - now been released.  Comes with two levels , each have 60 seconds rounds.  There are leaderboards for both levels and a Facebook Share High Score.

I hope to include the Facebook share high score in next HackiStar full update.

Stay tuned for my next mini-project, called Grumpy Birdy.  Will be universal for iOS (optimized for retina) and Free.  Has High Score tracking, the facebook share score button, among other things.  I setup a preview version via Flash (need latest version) .. it isn't optimized for flash , so expect the iOS version to run much smoother.  It's very simple, one touch controls (tap to crap!)

Anyhow , give it a try:

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Currently working on...

Getting a free version out on iOS store- It will have Ads via banner at top - and is limited to only the Hacky.1 level and Baskets. 

I'm also working on intergrating a 'share' button that will pop up at end of each round that shows your score.  By pressing it, you can share your top score to Facebook.  You will be prompted with your login name/password - then the App will post the score to your wall - that's it! 

Something like ' Try and beat my high score in HackiStar on iOS! - <score> ' -- except you won't have to type any of it, just submit!  Similar to other popular Apps.

With the Facebook share update will be a small tweak to the Baskets level making the collision slightly better with finger.

Hopefully more content after the next update!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Update on the Update

* UPDATED 1-16-2014 *
- Another small delay, had to temporarily take down off App store - will be back up within the week and be updated, sorry folks!

- I encountered a couple last minute 'bugs' before release on older devices (particularily iphone 4) but has since been resolved.  The update should be out within a week.  The game has been revamped tenfold , enjoy!

I will include Moon and Sun challenges - each with 8 star levels.  There will be leaderboards for combined score and stars on Moon and Sun challenges, and total stars on everything.

The City Challenge will be delayed to next update.  However, the BasketSack Challenge will be in.  A fun variant of shooting the sack into a hoop from a distance, the airtime of the sack becomes your points if you make the basket.  Sacks will continue to drop.

Lots of other small improvements.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Update news

So far the January update maybe delayed to mid January or late January, hopefully sooner but will include a lot!

I've revamped most everything.  Better / non-black backgrounds.  Three themed challenges - they will now be Sun, Moon, and City - with 8 levels, progression is needed to unlock the next - hence the name, challenges.

The rating system is based on 3 stars, depending on time completion of each level, you are rewarded with 1/2/3 stars.  As you get more stars, you unlock more challenges.

Leaderboards will be available for total stars and score of the Challenges.  Attached is a screenshot of the newest menu for Sun Challenges.

Tweaked the medium sack level so there are no walls on sides, you hit the sack off one side of screen it will come through on opposite side.  Next image shows off the updated graphics, HUD, and points.

Depending on time, there maybe another mode that resembles basketball in this update, if not then next update.  The mode will have a few variations with multiple bonuses.  Every few seconds a sack drops on left side, you get one hit to make it in the hoop placed on right side.  Bonuses will be planned such as airtime and backboard use.

Thanks for the support, good size update incoming!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


While hackeying for high scores, touching will make a trail of sorts.  If you can make certain 'gestures' they count as bonus 'Trickey' moves worth 15 or 30 points, depending on the gesture.  Be sure to hit the sack too!

January update will include moves along with 24 'challenge levels' and many bug fixes/improvements!

Moves Gameplay

Friday, December 13, 2013

Update live!

Updated with leaderboards and a few extra levels.

Next update will arrive early January with a bunch more levels/challenges, better sack physics, a bonus for being 'tricky'... and a few bug fixes, stay tuned!