Friday, December 27, 2013

Update news

So far the January update maybe delayed to mid January or late January, hopefully sooner but will include a lot!

I've revamped most everything.  Better / non-black backgrounds.  Three themed challenges - they will now be Sun, Moon, and City - with 8 levels, progression is needed to unlock the next - hence the name, challenges.

The rating system is based on 3 stars, depending on time completion of each level, you are rewarded with 1/2/3 stars.  As you get more stars, you unlock more challenges.

Leaderboards will be available for total stars and score of the Challenges.  Attached is a screenshot of the newest menu for Sun Challenges.

Tweaked the medium sack level so there are no walls on sides, you hit the sack off one side of screen it will come through on opposite side.  Next image shows off the updated graphics, HUD, and points.

Depending on time, there maybe another mode that resembles basketball in this update, if not then next update.  The mode will have a few variations with multiple bonuses.  Every few seconds a sack drops on left side, you get one hit to make it in the hoop placed on right side.  Bonuses will be planned such as airtime and backboard use.

Thanks for the support, good size update incoming!

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