Thursday, February 6, 2014

Currently working on...

Getting a free version out on iOS store- It will have Ads via banner at top - and is limited to only the Hacky.1 level and Baskets. 

I'm also working on intergrating a 'share' button that will pop up at end of each round that shows your score.  By pressing it, you can share your top score to Facebook.  You will be prompted with your login name/password - then the App will post the score to your wall - that's it! 

Something like ' Try and beat my high score in HackiStar on iOS! - <score> ' -- except you won't have to type any of it, just submit!  Similar to other popular Apps.

With the Facebook share update will be a small tweak to the Baskets level making the collision slightly better with finger.

Hopefully more content after the next update!

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