Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Update on the Update

* UPDATED 1-16-2014 *
- Another small delay, had to temporarily take down off App store - will be back up within the week and be updated, sorry folks!

- I encountered a couple last minute 'bugs' before release on older devices (particularily iphone 4) but has since been resolved.  The update should be out within a week.  The game has been revamped tenfold , enjoy!

I will include Moon and Sun challenges - each with 8 star levels.  There will be leaderboards for combined score and stars on Moon and Sun challenges, and total stars on everything.

The City Challenge will be delayed to next update.  However, the BasketSack Challenge will be in.  A fun variant of shooting the sack into a hoop from a distance, the airtime of the sack becomes your points if you make the basket.  Sacks will continue to drop.

Lots of other small improvements.